Never Look Down On Someone Unless It Is To Help Them Up

Marcus Malone Band 

Swansea Jazzland

St James Crescent


Marcus Malone Band at Swansea Jazzland, St James Crescent, Swansea

Strange Happenings

We recently obliged a business connection by delivering a presentation for their networking group.  It’s a group our Boss attends from-time-to-time and so it was something she delighted in doing.  

I was given the task of preparing the presentation which took about 3 hours to finish, then I past it on to the Boss to add her own notes, run through, and practise the slide timings.

Boss reported it went well as far as delivery was concerned however there were many challenges she had to tackle before presenting.  (IT infrastructure barriers/poor event promotion/disadvantageous scheduling).  I’m glad it wasn’t my job to deliver it, as it appeared the network leader left the side down as far as getting the event planned, organised, promoted and executed.

After all our efforts to fulfil the request to deliver a business presentation which would offer the attendees some cutting-edge tips for improving their business growth, it was only natural that the Boss would ask the organiser for a recommendation via LinkedIn.  This word of mouth recommendation for a job well done is something we always rely on and have been delighted in the past to receive some first class comments from our clients and associates.

The recommendation eventually arrived.  Imagine the Boss’ dismay and disappointment when the writer had spent half the recommendation extolling the benefits of attending the business network, instead of broadcasting to the LinkedIn community the quality and professionalism of the business.  Yes, it turned out to be a plug for the networking event, with just one final short sentence actually recommending our services at PBS.  

Needlesstosay it wasn’t accepted and published on our LinkedIn page.

The Boss was magnanimous in her reaction and graceful in her pain, but I can’t help feeling resentful and just a bit furious! 

Some people just DON’T GET IT!

The New Twitter Heading Image

Just availed myself of the new Twitter heading space.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all these social media platforms soon merged as far as interface is concerned. I’d rather they remained unique, but they are all competing for the same share of the market, and believe they need to make their features the same as the other players.

Anyway, it didn’t take long at all to get something designed for the header so here are some quick tips for you if you’re about to tackle it.

  • The Size Restrictions:    Maximum width 1252  and height  626
  • Body of the Header:      Twitter will lift the profile description and place it in the centre of the rectangle.  Your Profile Pic will appear at the top with the words centred below it.
  • There’s plenty of space to the left and right if you’d like to fill in more detail about your services.


Made using GIMP

So, when uploaded to our Twitter account it looks like this:

Quite why Tumblr pushed out that tweet early I don’t know, because at the time it was published I was still writing the post … see it in the flesh here: ParaTecVa.

So, that’s mine done, now on to the client accounts.

Have fun designing yours folks.